Why The Soy Crisps Should Replace Other Snacks On Your Menu

Most nutritionists advise that you have to let go of your snacks as a way of managing obesity. This is not as easy as it sounds, in most cases, you find yourself craving for potato chips or any other snacks and you end up eating them before you even realize that you are on a diet. The easier option is to replace the high-calorie snacks with lower calorie and healthier options. This is when you have to think of the soy crisps as the alternative.

There is no significant difference in taste when you compare the potato chips and the crisps made from the soybean flour. In fact, you may not even realize that you are replacing the fries and other snacks you are used to. With high sodium content and several nutritional values, the crisps are gaining popularity across the whole population; from gym goers, athletes, to housewives.

The calorie continent is however very impressive, and it is particularly good if you are trying to cut down on your daily calorie intake. Once ounce of the crisps has 109 calories and only 2 grams of fats of which only 0.3 is saturated fats. Theoretically, the more the saturated fats you consume, the higher the risk of the heart diseases like diabetes.

Consuming more saturated fats increases the risk of heart diseases. By consuming more unsaturated fats, less cholesterol is accumulated in the blood, which also means less bad cholesterol in the blood. The soy products also have zero Trans fats. The Trans fats increase bad cholesterol and reduce good ones, and an intake of zero Trans fats is definitely a good option.

The second consideration is their content of protein and fiber. A single ounce content of protein is 7.5 grams. Now that a healthy woman is recommended to have 46 grams and 56 grams of protein for a healthy man per day, this represents 16% and 13% of the recommended level respectively. It is not surprising that they are popular with the sports people and gym goers. They also have 1 gram fiber content representing 5% of what you require per day for normal digestion.

On the side of vitamins and mineral, a single ounce contains 1.47 milligrams of iron, which represents 18% of the daily requirement for men and 8% of recommended daily requirement for women. It also delivers 17% of an adult daily requirement of folic acid (folate). It also has vitamin K and vitamin E in small dosages.

However, if you have a problem with sodium intake; let’s say you have heart conditions and the increase in intake of sodium can increase the risk of a heart attack, then you must be cautious. One ounce contains 10% of sodium that is recommended for adults and 16% of what is recommended for those with heart conditions.

Just like potatoes, the soy chips (crisps) are available in a variety of flavors, the common ones being the cheddar, barbecue, and salted. They have a light, crunchy texture and can be eaten plain or with other dishes. It is advisable that you pair them with other healthy ingredients like vegetable sticks, guacamole, or hummus.

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