The Role Of Lap Band Surgeons

Obesity is now a fast and growing concerns for people of all ages. Even a five year child may already experience obesity problems. Although lifestyle change is still the best treatment for this problem, but surgical options start to become a popular option for many people. One of the surgical options to be considered is the gastric banding which is known as lap band surgery.

Surgeons in Ridgewood, NJ follow specific programs for this treatment option. The surgical procedure is also permitted for 18 years old and above and not suitable for underage individuals. Patients are required to understand the process and show willingness to follow a lifestyle change needed to successfully achieved something right after the surgery. Most importantly, the procedures should be performed no one but qualified lap band surgeons NJ.

This type of operation is not suitable for people who are emotionally unstable and those who are depending to drugs or alcohol. Individuals with gastrointestinal problems should be checked carefully before deciding whether or not they will undergo the process. Similarly, those who have medical conditions such as heart problems are not allowed to undergo such operation.

Basically, this surgery is better than other methods in many ways. First, the overall cost is typically lower. Also, it has less term complications, the band can be adjusted is easy to reverse the procedure. During the surgery, the band is not often inflated. You need to recover from the operation first before it is adjusted for weight loss reasons..

After the operation, you need to take pain reliever and other medication to ease discomfort and soreness. You are encouraged to start moving in place to effectively heal your body. You also need to undergo an Xray one day after the surgical operation to make sure that you are okay and no problems are occurring.

The surgeon usually give you instructions about the food you should eat after the procedure. Within 2 weeks, your stomach can only take small amount of liquids while you are in the healing process. Some feel fuller after a sip of water and other liquid. Others would not notice the difference.

It is always important to sip water everyday to avoid dehydration. You will also notice that your bowel movements are irregular after the operation. Do not worry, since this will commonly happen after the operation. Avoid being constipated and trained with your bowel movements.

Everyday, you can add an amount of solid food to your diet. You only have to be extra careful when you are chewing the food stop eating if you are full. This is because, if you overeat, you may feel like vomiting and discomfort. Your doctor will also suggest you to work with a dietitian in planning a healthy meal to provide you efficient protein, vitamins and minerals whilst losing weight.

After the process, weight loss is often slow but steady. You need to visit your doctor regularly to check everything. The doctor can also adjust the band of you are not losing weight. As you see, weight loss surgery is best for people who are overweight and for those who consider exercise, diet and medicine but do not lose weight.

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