Reducing Bad Cholesterol Through Diet

More than six hundred thousands of people in the United States die every year because of heart related diseases and the number one thing to be blame for that is bad cholesterol (LDL). Bad cholesterol comes from the foods which are always present in the daily diet of an ordinary American citizen. Another frustrating fact is that, the yummiest and all-time-favorite meals are the best source of this harmful substance. If you don’t plan to have a cardiovascular problem at a very young age, it is important for you to be aware of the foods that you have to avoid and cut down from consuming those. Also, there are foods that fights bad cholesterol and aids on other important processes in the body.

Foods which have high Bad Cholesterol Content

The key to eliminate bad cholesterol is by knowing the foods that you have to avoid. Munching through foods which contains saturated fat is also something that you have to stay away from. Remember that bad cholesterol comes from saturated fat and removing foods with that substance from your diet guarantees a 0% percent of LDL. Loads of saturated fat can be found on oily foods such as fried meant, fats, cheese and junk foods. Vegans, who are people who don’t eat foods that came from animals, are safe from heart diseases since they have less consumption of foods with saturated fat.

A yolk of egg tops the spot when it comes to the food which contains the most cholesterol. If you love to eat eggs, you can just eat the egg whites and leave the yolk alone as the cholesterol of eggs are only found on that part. Next to egg yolk is also another egg which is the caviar or fish roe which is popular in Northern and Eastern Europe. Foods that are made out of liver are also a heart wrecker since cholesterol is being manufactured by the liver. Other foods to avoid are processed meat, chicken skin, dairy products, fast foods and some oil packed fishes.

What to Eat

When it comes to dieting you are not just avoiding foods. You also have to take in some foods which reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your blood. Adding some fiber-rich foods to your everyday diet can help your heart out. Oatmeal is one of the best weapons against LDL because of its soluble fiber. It can also be found in nuts, walnuts and almonds. Fatty acid which is also known as Omega-3 reduces the build up of LDL that would result to a heart disease and it can be found on fishes such as salmon, tuna and herring. If you don’t like fish that much, you can run into fish oil supplements.

Meat is an animal product and this is a food which some people can’t live without. But even it has bad cholesterol you can also have meals of meat for as long as you are getting the lean part. Another important material is antioxidants. It lowers the amount of LDL levels in your blood and it can be found in olive oil. A newly discovered substance which is the sterols or stanols is also beneficial on this war against heart disease and other effects of bad cholesterol. Don’t forget fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet for its numerous benefits.

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