Lugols Iodine For Health And Well-Being

You need many vitamins, minerals and other supplements to be able to function properly. Most of these substances should be automatically provided to you through your daily diet but adding lugols iodine may be necessary if you do not receive enough of this through the foods you eat. It is needed to provide the highest thyroid function and also consists of distilled water and potassium iodide.

A person can purchase it in varied strengths such as 2%, 3%, 5%, and more depending on the main reason for taking it. For a daily supplement, it only takes one very small drop, 1.45 mg, for it to be effective. If a doctor prescribes it for you and tells you to purchase it, the dosage may be much higher to combat the deficiencies that you may have.

A person in the United States cannot purchase stronger versions of this substance. The most potent types that used to be available have been linked to the maintenance and production of local meth labs and now cannot be bought over the counter.

Too much of this substance can be detrimental to one’s health, resulting in hypothyroidism and other issues, so it is essential that a doctor’s advice be sought before taking this or any other type of supplement. Ask your doctor to test for the amount of it that resides in your system and you will know if you are really in need of these supplements.

If you do not have the proper levels of this substance in your diet, you may be subject to many afflictions and maladies which include hypothyroidism, lethargy, depression, dry skin, slowed fetal growth, cretinism, weight gain, eczema, allergies and more. Many doctors believe that it can actually be helpful in fighting the flu, the common cold, food poisoning, gas, stress, stomach upsets and other illnesses.

There are many individuals who believe that a diet with iodized salt will help prevent these deficiencies. Although regular salt does have iodine in it and this had been added to it for decades, the presence of the chlorine in the salt can cancel out the benefits of the dose. Vegetarians should have their levels checked as they are especially prone to a deficiency.

Some of the main food items that are high in this supplement include spinach, cabbage, turkey, seaweed products, carrots, radishes, eggs, Brussel sprouts, baked potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Making a concerted effort to purchase and consume these healthy types of menu items to your daily meals will help reduce the need to take supplements and keep your body healthy and strong.

Make an appointment with your doctor and determine the need for this necessary body element. Attempt to gain as much as possible from a healthy diet that is rich in this substance. If you find that you are very deficient, your doctor can prescribe or suggest the right supplements with the right doses for you to ingest. Your varied symptoms should disappear and your body regain its energy, vitality and overall health. Don’t wait to check your levels. Your quality of life depends on it.

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