How Soy Protein Benefits Vegetarians And Vegans

Those at the top end of sports and fitness are always looking for the latest dietary research and advice to utilize to improve their performance. They know that what we eat affects the body in all kinds of ways. Diet can be used for good general health but also to give optimum health and additional performance. Here we are looking at how soy protein benefits the body.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are many types, but over twenty have been identified as necessary for proper cell and bodily function. Many of these are made automatically by the body but there are nine which need to be present in the diet. Soy contains all of these and is therefore referred to as complete.

Soy is a legume. This whole family of plants is nutritious and people should eat plenty of them. Legumes are high in proteins, micronutrients, B vitamins, fiber and omega fatty acids. They are also low in fat and cholesterol and so are a great way to get lots of nutrients without the bad stuff.

Western scientists have been interested in the dietary habits of Asian people for many years as they have such excellent health. In the far east people live longer, more active lives with lower levels of disease. This has long been thought due to their lower consumption of meat and higher intake of soy and vegetables.

Modern diets are often too high in fat and sugar and do not contain sufficient nutrients. This has been linked to all sorts of problems from cancer to heart disease and even mood disorders. The brain requires a high level of nutrient to function properly and without them cannot produce sufficient neuro chemicals. Serotonin production often suffers and this leads to lower mood. A healthy diet is necessary not just for health, but also for happiness.

It is easier than ever to get soy into the diet. Production of it is not at record levels and there are lots of products to cater for the demand. Meat substitutes are usually made from soy and there is soy milk, yogurt and cheese to replace dairy. It can be bought in flour form to make bread or used generally as a substitute for wheat.

This is because it contains relatively high levels of the amino acids arginine and glutamine. The first is a stimulant of anabolic hormones which cause muscle growth. Glutamine is great for bodies under stress and aids recovery of the muscle cells.

Eating soy is a great way to get protein without having to eat meat. It is complete and so contains all the amino acids needed by the body for proper function. In countries where the residents consume lots of it their health outcomes and life expectancy are much better than in the west. It can also be obtained as a supplement in powder form for those who need to build muscle mass.

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