Helpful Diet Advice From Professional Weight Loss Consultants

Many dieters reach their weight loss goals by severely restricting fat or calories, but gain the pounds back within a few months. People can only exercise their willpower for so long and tend to revert to junk food. The smart way to slim down is to eat wholesome meals that will naturally lower your daily calorie intake. Weight loss consultants offer the following tips for adopting healthy eating habits.

Eat more fiber. Studies have shown that people with high fiber diets are less likely to be overweight. Fiber contains no digestible calories and helps you to eat more slowly and feel full for longer. Switch to wholegrain cereals, bread products and pasta. Leave the edible skins on potatoes and salad vegetables. Snack on nuts and seeds.

Start your day with protein. Many people who are dieting eat a breakfast of cereal and skim milk. This can result in a mid-morning drop in blood sugar causing hunger, fatigue and cravings. A much healthier morning meal is based around eggs. A medium egg contains only 85 calories and is a great source of protein and nutrients. A two egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms comes in at under 300 calories.

Don’t purchase battered or breaded foods. Products such as fish sticks or chicken nuggets are often served as the protein element of a meal. In fact, they are high in unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates. A 100 gram chicken burger contains less protein than an equal weight of skinless chicken breast and more than twice the calories. You can roast the breast for your sandwich in the same time it takes to cook the frozen burger.

Switch to healthier snacks. Anyone watching their weight should avoid deep fried potato or corn chips. Starch fried in grease with added salt is particularly addictive. Many people consume a whole large bag of chips at one sitting. Wholegrain snack crackers have about half the calories. Salted nuts are a source of protein and fiber.

Eat the whole fruit. Few people realise that a glass of unsweetened fruit juice tends to have more calories than a similarly sized glass of sugary cola. Both contain ten teaspoons of sugar. Get the benefits of fiber along with your vitamins and reduce your daily calories by substituting whole fruit for juice.

Don’t let the low fat label fool you. Processed diet foods with less fat than the natural versions rarely help people to lose weight. In order to replace the lost flavor, manufacturers add extra chemicals, sugar and starch. Unless you immediately burn them off, your body stores these sugars and starches as fat. They also raise your blood sugar, meaning your hunger is only satisfied temporarily.

Weight loss consultants agree that he best way to lose weight and keep it off for good is adopt a healthier lifestyle. You can stay slim by avoiding junk food and cooking your own nutritious meals from fresh ingredients. You could reduce your consumption by about 200 calories a day simply by eating less processed food and more foods in their whole, natural state.

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