Getting Slim

Exercise and diet are the two factors that need to be considered together to ensure you get more trim. Without these two it is pointless to try to slim down unless you starve yourself. Consistency is the most important strategy you should be striving for when trying to lose weight, as without consistency, you are more likely to gain weight instead of losing it!

The Diet Plan

You need to drink water before every meal, which is at least a glass. Water in your belly you will feel more full and therefore reduce your appetite, which in turn means you eat less. Consequently you only need smaller portioned meals with only healthy, and low fat and calorie foods. For meats, try to reduce red meats, and cut the fats off them. You can eat turkey, chicken and fish more often if that helps.

It is advisable to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. These are going to give you plenty of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to make your body run healthy. They are also full of fiber which will fill you up quickly. When your body is healthy, your metabolism works efficiently!

Exercise Program to become Trim

Perform plenty of strength building workouts such as weights. Just 15 minutes a day of weight training, five days a week will help you slim down plenty. Also perform some body weight exercises, and high intensity exercises with lighter weights. This will be your sure way of making a slim, hour glass figure in no time at all! Another benefit of this type of strength training is that your muscles will grow, and will use extra calories whilst they are growing. They are great for burning fat even when not working out!

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises such as running, jump rope or swimming are also important to add to the plan. This type of exercise will immediately burn off a large amount of calories. An example of a workout routine could be to do 15 mins of cardio, 15 mins of weight training, then add in some bodyweight exercises including situps and crunches. If you commit to doing this 5 times per week then weight loss is almost guaranteed!

Hydrate yourself because a lot of nutrients and water is going to leave your body. Sports drinks are ok to consume straight after a workout to replace lost electrolytes, but not for the rest of the day.

Patience is required early on to start seeing results on your body and the scale. Just stick to your diet and exercise plans. All the rest will come with it!

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