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It’s said that at least 50 million Americans are on a diet at any given time; and of the 50 million dieters, more than 75% will be unsuccessful at achieving their ultimate weight loss goals. So why is it so many people fail at their dieting goals?

According to recent studies, most people who start dieting will lose their will power when results are not seen quickly enough or the dieter is unwilling to modify their diet for a long period of time. People who understand that dieting can be dangerous and work at changing their lifestyles including their diets often see the best results. People who don’t really want to change their lifestyles, just their appearances have a much bigger problem to face and are more often to fail at dieting. They fail because they’re not involved with making positive changes in their lives including their eating and exercising habits.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular diets in America:

1) The Atkins Diet: This diet is comprised of high protein and very little to zero carbohydrates

2) Slim Fast: This diet is comprised of consuming meal replacement drinks in lieu of breakfast and lunch.

3) The Slimming World Diet: This diet is comprised of alternating eating habit days. Original Days – consume high protein meals, Green Days – only eat vegetables and fruits.

4) The Weight Watchers Diet: This diet is comprised of eating choices determined by a point system. Essentially – eat whatever you want, but do not exceed the max amount of food points in one day.

5) Detoxifying Diets: These diets are intended to detoxify your body as you consume fewer harmful food ingredients like preservatives, food colorings and artificial flavorings.

The list of diets could go on and on – the truth is, there are so many different diets out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. One thing however that most diet plans neglect to inform you of is – the need for exercise and physical activity. Getting regular exercise along with a balanced, nutritious diet that’s low in fat will help you drop excess weight and keep the weight from returning. If you don’t modify your lifestyle when dieting, you can expect the weight to come back as soon as you stop your diet – and that just seems a little counterproductive – doesn’t it?

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