Dangers Of Fad Dieting- The Adkins Diet Exposed

Atkins Diet Has Harmful Side Effects

There is forceful evidence that the ever so famous low-carbohydrate, high protein Atkins Diet can cause negative effects to your health. You are probably wondering to yourself how this ever some popular diet could actually harmful to my health? There have been numerous reports of adverse side effects do to the Atkins Diet. Fad diets are simply dangerous.

So the pounds may decline the first month but realistically the Atkins Diet does not help people lose weight in the long term. Also, it is dangerous, according to a scientific review of research. So already 45 million copies of the Atkins diet have been distributed which claims you can consume unlimited consumptions of butter, fatty meat and high fat dairy products while carbohydrate intake are restricted to under 30g a day.

I will admit that people that use this Adkins Diet do lose quicker than a standard diet. The weight loss is simply sustained though. Reports have been written that say this diet is fairly safe for short term. (6 months) The long term side-effects are simply not worth it though.

Simply, this diet does not do you any good if you are trying to lose a substantial amount of weight. Even if you are trying to lose weight short term it is not natural and the best way to lose weight by eating a healthy balanced meal and exercising.

Effects of Adkins Diet

*increased risk of coronary disease (due to consuming higher amounts of animal fat)
*raises in cholesterol
*clogged arteries
*heart attacks
*muscle weakness
*headaches (most common)

By: Garen Arnold

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The Akins Diet Is Not Worth It
The best way to lose weight is the natural and healthy way. Fad diets are just dangerous to your health. They are simply catch on because of the short term effectively. You can lose weight smoking crack too but that is not healthy either? To hear what people are talking about with other common fad diets please check out this blog.

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