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How do I break the chain of yo-yo dieting? This is a question asked by millions of individuals around the globe. Yo yo dieting can lead to misery and frustration and have a variety damaging health implications for people who discover themselves caught in its trap.

Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling is characterised by the repetitive loss and gain of weight through dieting. The expression was originally coined by Kelly D Brownell of Yale University to explain losses of weight that are then regained. Health implications of yo-yo dieting can include loss of muscle bulk and bone density, fatigue, headaches, low thyroid symptoms and increased rates of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

The cycle of yo yo dieting goes like this. Firstly a low calorie diet is undertaken which while at first successful in losing weight has the effect of lowering the metabolic rate. Secondly as a typical diet is resumed the body stores this food away as fat as it feels that it has been deprived of the calories it needs to function correctly. With a lowered metabolism calories are also harder to burn off. The outcome of this is that any weight lost is quickly regained and a dieter can finish up weighing more than before the diet began. Weighing the same or more than earlier than the first diet began the dieter begins a different diet and the cycle therefore continues.

There is no magic bullet solution to the predicament of yo yo dieting. Instead a long term strategy of healthy eating and working out is necessary. First of all keep away from diets that guarantee quick weight loss and quick fix solutions. Aim for a gradual weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week, this is a rate that can be sustained in the long term. Make certain that you act lots of working out. Exercise increases the metabolic rate and lean tissue mass both of which enable calories to be burnt more efficiently.

To free the slim you forever and to drop a dress size fast it is required to concentrate on 3 things: having a healthy balanced diet, doing regular exercise and breaking bad eating habits. Comfort eating can really hold back any weight loss attempt and it is essential to bring it under control if you intend to lose weight.

How can I control comfort eating? Hypnosis weight loss works by breaking bad eating habits and forming brand new ones in their place and is one of the finest ways of dealing with comfort and emotional eating.

If you plan to look and feel good the time to start losing weight is right now. There is no basis to put it off and the longer you do the harder it will be. If you think I need to lose weight now then what are you waiting for?

By: Jhon Perkson

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The author John Perkson talks about the advantages of having a healthy diet to lose weight. Many healthy diets are online for you to try them on.

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